1.  I will explain how to create a Free USB Antivirus, using the

windows notepad and a few little scripts, this Free USB

Antivirus is very powerful against autorun.inf virus, and it

takes no time to create and no time to run.

If you are at good command of dos and batch files you

can customize it.

I want to warn you to be careful when using this procedure, because you may loose data on your hard disk or

usb memory device, and I am not going take any

responsibility of any damage of your data.

Step 1:

Open your notepad or any text editor

Step 2:

Type the exact text

@ echo off

del d:\*.inf

@ echo file deleted or no file exists



@ echo off

is a dos command that makes the system provides no confirmation


del d:\*.inf

“del” is the command that deletes the desired file from the drive


which “d:” is your usb drive letter

and you can change it as you wish

“*.inf” is the file that must be deleted

Step 3:

Save the file giving the extension bat to the created file so it should

be like that



Step 4:

Test your simple antivirus by creating a dummy autorun.inf file on

your usb drive.

When you double click the file mysimpleantivirus.bat it will delete

the autorun.inf

Now you have added 50% protection to your system for Free


You have created your own Free USB Antivirus



  1. it is awesome man!!!!

  2. it is good please show if some process i could make kaspersky anti virus through note pad!!!!

  3. its good but if we had system file with Extention “.inf” it will delete that file which may result in system crash

  4. it’s great if we can develop the qurantine signatures than i think we can make it more advance.

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